Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Whiney Post Day

Whiney Post Day – TODAY!

I’ve heard in the blogging world that March 17 is whiney post day. Imma take advantage o’ that right now.

So, I didn’t even get on WOW yesterday. What did I do after you work? I actually cooked (tore the top off a bag of veggies and opened a box of frozen fishies)! What else? I watched “Unbreakable” and “Sleeping with the enemy”. Did I miss the game? Sure did. Did I miss getting pugged by a feral druid that rolled heals just to get quicker runs? Are you kidding!?

I can’t really whine about bad pugs though, since the majority of them are pretty good, really. So, lets see, what can I whine about?

Simply put, I do NOT have enough energy to play my favorite Massive Multi-player Online Game as much as I wish! Oh I know, “Get Real! Is that all you have to whine about?” /nod – pretty much.
Raiding, though very fun, is exciting and makes my heart rate and blood pressure go up. Tiredness creeps in. I have a raid tonight, so last night I stayed away from WOW to store up enough energy for today’s run. I want to have fun!

Dwism wrote Whiny post day: When you run out of fun

I had to smile. Hubby and I sit next to one another each night and play, he with his character of the moment, (he has like 8 or 9 80s and never raids-gasp!) and me with either my Alliance priest, or my horde Mage. We aren’t playing together, we are sitting together. “Hey look at this!” or “Argh!! We wiped again!” and we take turns encouraging one another. (In an earlier blog I mentioned why we have two accounts Hello again -- Cantique here, sorry for the delay ...)

So, it was different for him last night, as I sat all snuggled up on the couch watching movies: He kept turning in his chair and looking at me and then would get involved in the movie and just sit there with his back to WOW. He couldn’t quite get himself totally away from his system, though. LOL! I did not mind. I could stretch out and have the whole couch! (And hey Dwism, if you are reading this . . . I hate watching news at the same time as hubby cause he can’t shut up either!)
I love that noob.

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