Friday, April 16, 2010

Cantique lays her fishing pole down. Looking around to be sure she is alone, she removes her clothing and walks into the water.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hey! That's my egg!

Camping for these eggs
Ninja standing on my head
Oh, I am one too.

In World of Warcraft there are holidays. These seem to correspond with RL (real life) holidays – for example it was Easter Sunday a few days ago and Noble Garden holiday began in WOW, Eggs, Bunnies, fancy clothes and all.

There are points for achievement to be done! There are areas (4 on Alliance side, and 4 on Horde side I think) where colorful eggs are liberally strewn about. If an egg is picked up by a character, pretty soon it will re-spawn. (Re-spawn means “show back up” for those of you new to some online gaming terms.)

There are achievements to be earned, quests to be done, and loot to be had!!! What that means is ….people are running around like crazy “finding” the eggs. This pretty much promotes what is normally considered rude in the game.


Ninja-ing something means that you take loot away from someone that has done something to get to the loot. Okay. I know that is vague. Scenario: You have just fought off three mobs in order to get to a plant that you really very much wanted to “pick”. Someone else runs by while you are fighting and “picks” it. They are considered a Ninja and people get hopping mad when that happens to them. I know I do.

So, here I stand in a spot (“Camping”. That means standing in one spot waiting for something to happen) near a bush (or whatever) and wait and wait and wait for the egg to re-spawn. If I blink just right someone else gets it first. Sigh. This holiday in World of Warcraft is all about getting enough eggs.

I am sorta forced to be a ninja. I am not the only one working to get these eggs, a gazillion other people are working to get the eggs too. I just have to be on my toes, quick to click, I must be the ninja.

Here I just imagine myself dressed in shades of gray, stealthily still, moving only my arm when the egg spawns. Quick. Quiet. No gloating. No, “ha ha…I got it before you did you sneaky wabbit!” Quiet, calm, quick.

I am a ninja today.

Any thoughts on this WOW holiday?